Faces of the Campaign

To learn more about an individual Face of the campaign, click on their image below.

MentalHealthJacqueline copy  MentalHealthStepha  MentalHealthKathleen  MentalHealthLee MentalHealthBess  MentalHealthTravis  MentalHealthKrysta (2)  MentalHealthArielle2  MentalHealthEmma (1)  MentalHealthHil2  MentalHealthSanti (1)  MentalHealthRice copy  MentalHealth_chelsea_final[1]  MentalHealth_David_final[1]  MentalHealth_eMILY_final[1]  MentalHealth_jenelle_final[1]  MentalHealth_kendra_final[1]  MentalHealth_MacKenzie_final[1]  MentalHealth_Rachel1final2[1]  MentalHealth_rachelm_final[1]  MentalHealth_robyn_final[1]  MentalHealth_Taylor2  MentalHealth_Pauline3  MentalHealth_Laura3  MentalHealth_Jennifer3  MentalHealth_Jenna3

3 thoughts on “Faces of the Campaign

  1. First Of All I Want To Say Thank YoufFor Sharing Your Stories. I Know It’s Not Easy Telling Them Or Living Them. I’m A Student At Burdge Campus NSCC In Yarmouth. I’m Talking Mental Health Promotion And Recovery. I Feel That This Campaign Will Do Amazing Things Even Though You Might Not Get To See It. From A Fellow Person With Mental Illness I Thank You. From A Student Studying Mental Health I Thank You. Keep Up The Progress In Your Journey No Matter How Are Some Days May Seem.

    Maggie Roy


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