This isn’t something I ever talk about.  Not many people know this part of me but this why we are doing this campaign, to get people talking.
Growing up I saw a lot of my family members struggle with depression, I even lost a cousin to it.  I was always worried to fall in the deep dark hole of depression. When I was in grade 9 I went away to boarding school which is where I first faced my struggle with depression.  There was a group of people that didn’t like me and would pick on me all the time. There were Facebook groups titled “Bess should kill herself”, they would make fun of my curly hair by signing lion songs every time I walked into class, and all sorts of bullying.
I ended up shutting down.  I stopped talking and hanging out with people, I stopped doing my school work, and I stopped even talking to my family. I hated myself everything that made me, me.  I went a whole month without talking to anyone before anyone realized what was going on. I got help and I’m doing a lot better now. I have to constantly keep busy and be around people because I can’t handle being alone anymore. Every time I am, I feel like I’m slipping into it again and I have fallen back into it since then but now I know that getting help as soon as I feel it coming again, helps me conquer it!
Depression is a part of me but I do not let it define me.

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