Hi, my name is Travis and I am from a small community on PEI. I grow up on a dairy farm in a family of six. I have always been a great student and heavily involved at all levels of my school and community life. I have been playing sports since I was 4 and still do today. At school I am STU’s Grad Class President and Welcome Week Chair. You can always find me socializing in the cafeteria or working in the recruitment office.


I never really thought very much about my mental health until this campaign which is why I wanted to become a part of it. This campaign helped me realize that I have an issue with showing weakness and I have had this issue for a long time now.  I become very defensive when people criticize me and I put a heavy weight on my shoulders to make sure to fix that problem. This can cause me to stress over the little things which no one should. .  I feel somewhat uncomfortable even writing this! I am slowly overcoming my fear of being vulnerable and weak.


I keep telling myself nobody is perfect, neither am I. We just have to do our best and just go with it.


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